GA Figure 3900:

Altitude Valve, Double Acting with Solenoid Shutoff, Flanged, Piston-Operated

Size: 2" to 36"
Valve Type: Water Control Valve
Fluid: Water

GA Industries Figure 3900-D Altitude Valves are self-contained, hydraulically operated, differential piston actuated valves and function without electricity.The valves are installed on the tank fill line and close when the tank is full to prevent overflow.They automatically re-open when supply head falls below tank head to permit flow back through the valve from the tank to the system.The solenoid overrides the hydraulic controls to close the valve anytime upon electrical signal.

GA Industries altitude valves are routinely installed on elevated tanks, ground storage tanks and standpipes and its sensitive pilot is designed to consistently and reliably close the valve at maximum water level so that the tank’s entire storage capacity can be utilized.

  • Heavy duty, cast iron body with lead-free bronze internals for long term dependable service
  • V-port trim provides excellent low flow control plus full port capacity
  • Standard visual position indicator
  • Super sensitive altitude pilot for accurate, repeatable and reliable level control
  • Pilot system standard with closing speed needle valve, wye strainer and pilot isolating valves
  • Body: Cast Iron, ASTM A126 Class B
  • Cover: Steel, ASTM A36
  • Internal Trim: Lead-free Bronze
  • Renewable Seat: Buna-N
  • Internal Fasteners: Stainless Steel
  • External Fasteners: Steel, A307, Zinc Plated (Optional 316 Stainless Steel)
  • Pilot System: Lead Free Brass, Bronze or Copper
Corrosion Protection
  • Minimum 6 mil Internal and External 2-Part NSF-61 Carboline 891 Epoxy
Product Bulletin
Piston Control Valves VAG27 LR
Technical Datasheet
Figure 3900 Data Sheet 3900-01D
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Clean Water

Dependable valves that meet your clean water needs

From the raw water intake to the filtration plant to the finished waster distribution and storage system, GA Industries valves have been providing dependable service in large and small water systems. GA Industries pump control, check and relief valves mitigate damaging pressure surges and eliminate slam and bang that can result from the operation of water pumps.

Our full range of pilot operated control valves regulate distribution system pressure and prevent overflow of storage tanks and reservoirs. Air trapped in water pipelines can reduce system efficiency and exacerbate pressure surges. Our wide range of automatic air valves ensures we have the right valve to maintain an air free system.

And when it’s necessary to isolate a pump, process or section of pipeline, you can depend on GA Industries butterfly valves for reliable flow shutoff.

GA Figure 3900:
Altitude Valve, Double Acting with Solenoid Shutoff, Flanged, Piston-Operated
GA Figure 3900 Image
Size: 2" to 36"
Valve Type: Water Control Valve
Fluid: Water

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