GA Figure 959:

Combination Air Valve for Sewage, Dual Short Body

Size: 2" x 1" to 3" x 2"
Valve Type: Air Valve
Fluid: Wastewater

VAG GA Industries Figures 959-T Combination Air Valves are 'triple function' valves and consist of an air release valve factory piped to an air & vacuum valve.They vent air from pipelines and systems as they are being filled with water and then close tight once the system is full and pressurized.They also release air that accumulates in the valve while the system is operational.And, they automatically open to admit air to limit vacuum formation when the pipeline or system is drained and/or a negative pressure occurs in the valve.

The Figure 959 consists of a short body air release valve and a short body air & vacuum valve and is idea for shallow cover installations.Figure 959L provides a larger orifice for faster release air and gas on systems operating at 75 PSI or lower.

Figure 959F-T includes optional 'back flushing attachments' to facilitate cleaning sludge and debris from the valve

  • Short overall height
  • Full port large orifice for maximum air outflow and inflow
  • Individual isolating ball valves in horizontal plane, do not add to heght
  • Rugged cast iron body and cover
  • Corrosion resistant Type 316 stainless steel floats
  • Tight sealing and easily replaceable rubber seats
  • Body & Cover: Cast Iron, ASTM A126 Class B
  • Float: Stainless Steel, Type 316
  • Internal Linkage: Stainless Steel, Type 316
  • Replaceable Seat: Buna-N
  • External Fasteners: Steel, A307, Zinc Plated
Corrosion Protection
  • Standard: Uncoated internal, external coated with enamel primer, minimum 2 mil DFT
  • Optional: 316 SS external fasteners and internal and external NSF-61 certified 2-part epoxy, minimum 6 mil DFT
Drawings and Parts List
2x1in to 3x2in-ecav7069fw-a
Fig 959 2x1 to 3x2in Drawing ECAV-7069W-A
Product Bulletin
Air Valve Bulletin VAG16 LR
Sample Specification
Dual Short Body Combination For Sewage Rev B
Technical Datasheet
Air Valve Sizing For Pipeline Filling and Draining
Figure 959t Data Sheet 959-01b
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Reliable wastewater valves designed for rigorous service

GA Industries sewage and wastewater valves are specially designed to accommodate the rigorous demands of the sewage collection, pumping and treatment process.

Whether a large regional sewage pump station, a small lift station or in-plant process pumping, GA Industries line of wastewater check, pump control and surge relief valves provide reliable service under difficult operating conditions. GA Industries ECO-Centric® plug valves handle solids and stringy material and are used in sewage and wastewater systems for pump, pipeline or process isolation.

Our full range of sewage and wastewater air valves automatically release air and sewage gas from forcemains to maintain pumping efficiency and minimize pipeline corrosion.

GA Figure 959:
Combination Air Valve for Sewage, Dual Short Body
GA Figure 959 Image
Size: 2" x 1" to 3" x 2"
Valve Type: Air Valve
Fluid: Wastewater

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