Updated Product Line Overview Bulletin

This updated bulletin describes the extensive range of GA Industries valves and associated products for water and sewage pumping stations, pipelines and treatment plants.

Historically known for its control valves and check valves, the GA Industries product line also includes air valves, plug valves and butterfly valves, all meeting applicable AWWA standards and our own rigorous standards for quality and dependability.

This bulletin describes GA Industries pump control valves, engineered check valves and surge relief/anticipator valves routinely used in pumping stations to avoid damaging pressure surges.

An extensive range of GA Industries pilot-operated water control valves offer precise pressure and level control in municipal distribution systems and industrial complexes.

Also described is the full range of GA Industries swing checks, rubber flapper checks, silent checks and ball check valves for reliable, non-slam operation in demanding pumping applications.

This bulletin shows the breadth of GA Industries air release, air & vacuum, combination and vacuum breaking valves, used to ensure water and sewage systems operate at maximum efficiency.

GA Industries rubber seated butterfly valves provide dependable service in water filtration systems and, along with its full line of eccentric plug valves, isolate plant equipment and buried pipelines.

The bulletin lists an extensive portfolio of GA Industries valves that comply with American Iron and Steel and other federal and state domestic manufacturing requirements.

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