GA butterfly, check, and air vacuum valves provide solutions for floating pump station in Orange County

The floating pump station allows for transfer of stored water from the District’s Santiago Basins to other OCWD facilities.The Santiago Basins are comprised of three basins: Bond, Blue Diamond, and Smith.The project was constructed in Bond Basin, and has increased groundwater recharge and maximized storage capacity during storm events.The floating pump station replaced an existing submersible pump station that was unreliable.

The new pump station was constructed on a floating platform, connected to a 1,400-foot, 32-inch floating discharge pipeline, submersed just below water surface.The floating discharge pipeline connects to the existing distribution pipeline, conveying water out of the Basins.The Bond Basin slope was excavated to connect the floating pipeline to the existing pipeline.

The Orange County Water District (OCWD) manages the vast groundwater basin under northern and central Orange County, California, that supplies water to more than 20 cities and water agencies, and serves more than 2.4 million residents.The basin is primarily recharged with water from the Santa Ana River, and water enters the basin via settling or percolation ponds in the cities of Anaheim and Orange.

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